The Breaking Water/The Breathing Bridge

  • 20'
  • Netherlands
  • 2010
Jim Jennings brings the viewer very close to the subject of his films - a great starting point for making the sound (music?) that acts as a counterpart to the film programme. Since Jennings captures his images in the city of New York, I logically captured my sounds in Rotterdam, where I live. I decided to use two of the most well known symbols of the city, the Maas River, and one of the bridges that crosses it, the Erasmus Bridge (also known as 'The Swan'). I didn't just record the traffic going over the bridge, or the boats going through the river. Those were part of the recording sessions, but mainly I recorded the sound of the bridge and the water itself, by using underwater microphones and contact mikes. In this case, "bringing the listener very close to the subject". (Rutger Zuydervelt)

Rutger Zuydervelt
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2010