Pane/Piazza delle Camelie

  • 97'
  • Italy
  • 2009
Husband and wife Carlo and Grazia make bread in their wood-burning oven and also distribute it to the sellers. They work all night long, every day of the week, as their families used to do. They live in Gorgiti, a village in Tuscany, on the mountains near Arezzo. On the other hand, in Rome, some young people live near Camellia's Square at Centocelle, in the suburbs. We see them at different moments in their lives. Their existences seem to belong to distant and very different universes. There seems to be an irreconcilable generation conflict. The film makes use of documentary and fiction, but tries to amalgamate them while simultaneously using them as opposites.
Tonino De Bernardi:It’s a film on the primary labour which is being handed over from father to son, but it’s also a film on some things that are new (especially in the behaviour) and don’t stem from the past. So I have chosen bread making in the countryside, as done as in ancient times, chronicling this job with its real protagonists. On the other hand there are the city and young people with their own stories and the actors acting; where this film moves towards the novel. I reckon the distinction between documentary and fiction as too conventional and restrictive. I am trying to go more and more beyond the boundaries in investigating the ways of being and thinking.’ (EH)
Tonino De Bernardi
International premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2009
Betacam Digi PAL
International title
Bread/Camellias Square
Italian, Japanese
Tonino De Bernardi, Mariella Navale
Production Company
Lontane Province Film
Lontane Province Film
Tonino De Bernardi
Tonino De Bernardi
Silvia Palermo
Production Design
Mariella Navale
Sound Design
Gianluca Stazi
Véronique Bouteille (songs)
Véronique Bouteille, Fulvio Baglivi, Cristina Brugnano