In May 1998 something happened in Indonesia that no one had thought possible. After persistent demonstrations, primarily by students, the repressive era of President Suharto came to an end. Many film makers from the present generation were closely involved in this revolution at the time. In this omnibus film, ten film makers look back on events.
In Where Was I, Anggun Priambodo returns to the memorable month of May using ten photographs.
Ariani Darmawan makes fun of her name in Sugihart halim, but that has a political significance.
Trip to the Wound by Edwin was screened in Rotterdam last year and again now in order to complete the ten.
In Meet Jen, Hafiz made a portrait of a certain Jen, the man who didn't change.
In Happiness Morning Light Ifa Isfansyah followed his subject as far as Beijing in order to look back on a trauma in Jakarta.
Lucky Kuswandi experienced the Festival of the Chinese New Year that once had to be celebrated underground in A Letter of Unprotected Memories.
Otty Widasari provides an autobiographical review of the past decade with Yesterday.
Steve Pillar Setiabudi presents several secondary school pupils who tackle corruption at their school in Our School, Our Lives.
The title of Wisnu Suryapratama's The Cat 9808 Chronicles of a Former Demonstrator says it all. (GjZ)

Anggun Priambodo, Ucu Agustin, Ifa Isfansyah, Otty Widasari, Ariani Darmawan, Hafiz, Lucky Kuswandi, Edwin, RICO Surya Pratama, Steve Pillar Setiabudi
European premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2009
DV cam PAL
Original title
9808 Antologi 10 tahun Reformasi Indonesia
Production Company
Proyek Payung (Umbrella Project)
Proyek Payung (Umbrella Project)
Anggun Priambodo, Ariani Darmawan, Ucu Agustin, Hafiz, Ifa Isfansyah, Otty Widasari, Edwin, Steve Pillar Setiabudi, Lucky Kuswandi, Wisnu Suryapratama
Sidi Saleh, Tran Hoai Nam, Joedith Tjhristianto
Kim Jae Rim, Astu Prasidya, Herman Kumala Panca
Production Design
Prilla Tania
Sound Design
Ariani Darmawan, Hae Kyong, Jung Woan, Iponxonik
Windra Benyamin
Hengky Hidayat