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While their oeuvre only consists of two full-length features and a couple dozen short films, the Quay Brothers are among the most respected (and imitated) film makers when it comes to visionary and poetic cinema. But the Quay Brothers do not only make films. They also make graphic designs and are famous in the opera and dance worlds for their eccentric decors. In cooperation with the Holland Festival, the IFFR produced a curious exhibition last spring in which models and peepshows offered a very original retrospective of their versatile yet characteristic oeuvre. After their training in London, the Quay Brothers started working in the 1970s in Amsterdam: washing dishes to survive while working on their graphic designs, such as book covers for the Dutch publisher Meulenhoff (Céline’s Journey to the End of the Night). Their feeling for calligraphy gradually moved from paper to film to the stage and now they are making their first steps towards solo exhibitions. Another new dimension to manipulate with their unique feeling for light, tone and rhythm. In other words: visual music.

Quay Brothers
Country of production
United Kingdom
Festival Edition
IFFR 2007