• 82'
  • Netherlands
  • 2004
You think your relationship can withstand any pressure, but what happens if all of Holland suddenly regards your boyfriend as public enemy number one? If your own life is in danger, do his hazel brown eyes still radiate innocence, is his smile still disarming, or does he become for you the devil that everyone else regards him as? It happens to Nicolette, who has just moved in with the Moroccan Mohammed when an attack takes place in the Port of Rotterdam. Mohammed is immediately arrested and locked up. Nicolette's friends have no real doubt about his guilt, but she just doesn't buy it. The television film Staatsgevaarlijk is a thriller against the background of modern multi-cultural society. According to Marcel Visbeen, Staatsgevaarlijk is not based on reality. 'I was inspired by the murder of Pim Fortuyn and its consequences. I was especially impressed by the fierce reaction of the Dutch people. I wanted to put that in my film and not the present terrorist threat in Holland.'
Marcel Visbeen
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2005
Betacam Digi PAL
International title
Public Enemy
Pupkin Film, Sander van Meurs, NTR
Production Design
Ben Zuydwijk
Sound Design
Antoin Cox
Pierre Bokma, Sylvia Hoeks
Local Distributor
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