Ningún lugar en ninguna parte

  • 70'
  • Chile
  • 2004
No Place Nowhere has as subtitle: 'notes about a documentary about fiction'. At a juncture when so many film and television images are filled with imposed significance, this tranquil and vulnerable film presents itself as a necessary quest for the everyday, a real image, that is found in this case in the old districts of Valparaíso. Torres Leiva was open for what he came across and he made (with a grant from the Fundacíon Andes) a meditative, essential video documentary. Torres Leiva: 'No Place Nowhere does not find its roots in grand ambition or theoretical postulates, but in very personal, difficult-to-communicate experiences. The difficulty is to ensure that the end result is somehow political and universal, so that everyone in the audience can appreciate these images, sounds and truths. There are too few strategies to talk about grand affairs, human themes, minor details in life. My most important motivation is to make a film that is based on the three important pillars of film making: waiting, transition or changeover (sometimes of time) and resolution.' At present, Torres Leiva is working on his first (real) feature, El cielo, la terra y la lluvia, for which he is receiving support from the Hubert Bals Fund. (GT)
José Luis Torres Leiva
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2005
Betacam SP PAL
International title
No Place Nowhere
Independent Films, José Luis Torres Leiva
Independent Films
José Luis Torres Leiva
José Luis Torres Leiva
Sound Design
Carlos Barros, José Luis Torres Leiva