Soldiers of the Rock

  • 94'
  • South Africa
  • 2002
In Soldiers of the Rock, the intriguing world of the South African mines is used to represent the whole country, its economy, history and culture. This exciting story focuses on human efforts to improve living conditions.Soldiers of the Rock is the story of the student Vuyo, whose father dies as a result of an accident in the mines. To come to terms with his father's death, Vuyo returns to his roots and reports for work at the goldmine in Johannesburg. This is about to be closed because of the dangerous working conditions. In the darkness of the mines, all men are equal. Above ground, the differences, their backgrounds, religions and cultures, come to light. Vuyo repeatedly clashes with Usuthu, who is not interested in Vuyo's plans to improve the life of the miners by allowing them to buy the mine. Against the background of falling rocks and mudslides, the two miners fight their battle for power.Soldiers of the Rock was originally made as a study assignment for fourth-year students at the South African Film School AFDA, but grew into an ambitious film.
Norman Maake
International premiere
Country of production
South Africa
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
Betacam SP PAL
Garth Holmes
Bata Passchier
Production Design
Garth Holmes