'Pfui Rosa' - Ein Selbstporträt von mit Rosa von Praunheim

  • 68'
  • Germany
  • 2002
A very entertaining selfportrait of Von Praunheim with many film fragments and interviews with friends and lovers.Von Praunheim: `When NDR TV suggested a self portrait on the occasion of my 60th birthday, I immediately warmed to the idea. Who better than me? After all, I published my first memoirs Sex und Karriere at the age of 34 and have kept a diary since the age of 17. To make the personal public that has been one of my aims in gay politics. This is the only way to overcome prejudices.I was often accused of cultivating an image, especially after my coming out. In the course of the 35 years I've been working in and with the media, I obviously learnt to work with publicity, but only as a means to convey contents. I was lucky to have been able to document the gay scene worldwide since the outgoing 60s. Especially during the AIDS crisis, I was able to support the battle against discrimination with many films, charity events and actions both in the US and in Germany.I am proud to be controversial and to have met with as much approval for my films and my numerous TV appearances as with disapproval. At a time when gays didn't dare to show their faces, I was one of the few who was visible for the many who were alone with themselves and their problems. A while ago, I was appointed professor. It amuses me no end.'
Rosa von Praunheim
International premiere
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Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
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Rosa Von Praunheim Filmproduction
Rosa Von Praunheim Filmproduction
Rosa von Praunheim