Aro Tolbukhin - En la mente del asesino

  • 98'
  • Spain
  • 2002
Aro Tolbukhin, one of the most notorious serial killers of the 20th century, was reportedly born in Hungary and is soon to face a firing squad in Guatemala. Shortly before the execution, he grants an interview to two journalists, who discover that some facts don't add up. Aro Tolbukhin - In the Mind of a Killer is a bewitching essay in meta-cinema and deconstruction, in which all documentary footage is fake while the story, if not untrue, is certainly free of any factual basis - enter the grey zone.
Fittingly, the different temperaments, textures and temperatures of small gauge formats, video, digital and the celestial 35mm fuse into an ambiguously sensual whole. After every cinelinguistic trope is turned inside out and upside down, Aro Tolbukhin - In the Mind of a Killer finally reveals itself: as one long and heady death-trip, one man's delirium about himself.

Agustí Villaronga, Lydia Zimmermann, Isaac Pierre Racine
International premiere
Countries of production
Spain, Mexico
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2003
International title
Aro Tolbukhin - In the Mind of a Killer
Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian
Antonio Chavarrías, Gustavo Montiel Pages
Production Companies
Oberon Cinematográfica, Altavista Films
Grupo Pi
Agustí Villaronga, Isaac Pierre Racine, Lydia Zimmermann
Production Design
Lorenza Manrique