• 93'
  • Spain
  • 2001
Nos hacemos falta is set in the dusty and apparently endless plains of Aragón. The protagonists seem to be doomed to roam there for ever as lost souls. The début by Giménez Peña is a charming tragicomic roadmovie in which he makes the best possible use of the landscape.Mique is released from a small prison for four days to attend the funeral of his mother in Madrid. While he is only in his twenties, his time in jail and his life on the streets in the suburbs of Barcelona have made him bitter. He expects his old girlfriend Susie to pick him up, but his old mate Pick is waiting for him. Pick is in his fifties and drives a small truck filled with illegal fruit machines and an old pinball machine. He wants to get back to business and expects Mique to join in. After a brief quarrel, they decide to set off together. In the cemetery, Mique is startled to find out that he has a darkskinned nineyearold brother called Marcos. The introverted and taciturn Marcos escapes the attention of the welfare worker and hides in Pick's truck. The truck gives up the ghost near the Shanghai nightclub, where the three travellers are welcomed by Maria, the bar girl. Next day, she joins them. Together they look for a road through the endless landscape of Aragón, already deserted by the rest of the world.
Juanjo Gimenez
European premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
Original title
Nos hacemos falta
Salto de Eje PC
Kevin Williams Associates
Production Design
Lu Pulici