règle du je tu elle il

  • 80'
  • France
  • 2002
Françoise Romand ':Declenations of "I", with accents of provocation in view of politically incorrect and resolutely unjustified thinking. A film about fantasised reality. The film I never thought I would dare to make. At opposite poles from a narrative where everything is said and/or shown, the film is about our daily discontents and babblings, which I have tried to confront for myself. How we question our life choices, that are so much a part of our creativity, how a film unfolds both a personal and a universal history. A film which bothers me, and which grates on the spectator instead of seeking the satisfaction-confirmation of liberal ideas. This is the quality I look for in the films I go to see, unpredictable films which face the risk of failure, films that question their form as well as their meaning. îMine is an indiscreet film which wants to know where we have to stand to have the right to be indiscreet. As it grew, the home movie became a public film, a history which is evident in the film itself, since some sequences were not shot in 16/9. At the origine of the film was material I shot with my mother during the summer of 1999, and shots of myself in love standing before a mirror, before moving to Boston to be a teacher for one year at Harvard. Three months later, David Larcher finished my tape not knowing what was on it, with shots of himself standing in front of a mirror. This perfect parralel evokes the way a soul tries to unbderstand itself, to better deal with that unknown quantity: the Other.I think of it as something like a literary essay, a first person exploration of the frontiers of cinema.'
Françoise Romand
World premiere
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Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
Betacam SP PAL
French, English
Alibi Production
Alibi Production
Françoise Romand
Françoise Romand
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Françoise Romand