Onde a terra acaba

  • 74'
  • Brazil
  • 2001
Documentary about the life of the Brazilian filmmaker Mario Peixoto. In 1931, at the age of only 21, Peixote made the film Limite, that is still regarded as one of the most important films from the history of Brazilian cinema. While making the film, Peixoto was approached by Carmen Santos, a (silent) movie star who asked him to make a film that would ensure her eternal fame. Peixote took on the challenge and wrote the script for Onde a terra acaba (At the Edge of the Earth). Limite was filmed with a small crew and a small budget, but Peixoto tackled this film on a much grander scale. However, the weather in Mararmbaia, where the film was shot, proved fatal for the project: hurricanes disrupted the mood on the set and there were conflicts. After a fierce quarrel with the leading lady and producer Santos, Peixoto decided to stop filming. And not just with this film: Peixote stopped making films altogether and withdrew on the south shore by Rio de Janeiro, where he wrote novels, poems and film scripts until his death in 1992.Using the title of the film Peixote never completed, Onde a terra acaba, Sergio Machado used diaries and letters to reconstruct Peixote's life. The film comprises interviews, hundreds of photos, original film footage and unique material about the making of Limite, edited in the same rhythm as Limite.
Sérgio Machado
European premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
International title
At the Edge of the Earth
Bel Noronha Prod. Art. Ltda.
Bel Noronha Prod. Art. Ltda.
Sérgio Machado