h'artCORE 1

  • 70'
  • Germany
  • 2001
A hybrid film, as indicated by the title: a cross between hard pornography and art film. A shameless film in every respect. Not only does it include all possible details of an unvarnished fuck, the viewer is also closer to the spectacle than in most commercial pornography. Morgenstern is himself cameraman and actor and films the sex scene, as it were, from within. He has sex with his beloved Rose and records the achievement, giving his proud and upstanding member the character of the protagonist. In this way, Morgenstern wants to allow the spectator to take part in his subjective sexual experience (and incidentally that of Rose, when the camera is temporarily handed over). He tried to make a film that you can't just see and hear, but also can taste, smell and feel.The picture certainly does not have the flat clarity of ordinary porn films. The video material was explicitly distorted and the images slowed down afterwards. The film focuses entirely on the images and does not comprise any dialogue. In addition, the pictures were deprived of colour, meaning the hardcore material turned into a slow black & white art film. The maker explicitly strived for poetry and not for porn. A nobudget film, produced, directed, photographed and acted by the artist himself.
Aguirre Morgenstern
World premiere
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Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
Betacam Digi PAL
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Scripts + Films
Aguirre Morgenstern
Aguirre Morgenstern