• 90'
  • Hong Kong
  • 2001
With as only budget a small grant from the commission for art development, the Hong Kong resident Yan Yan Mak set off for her début film for China where she filmed in the North Western province of Qinghai. None of her crew of six had any experience with filming in China itself, and half had no experience of filming at all. It was hard working shooting in China and the crew faced many setbacks, especially because of the unwillingness of the local population. Despite this, GeGe is an intriguing film in a convincing documentary style. The images of the wilds in the area are overwhelming, the drama about the distance that can emerge between people is gripping.The young Ah Ming moves to the mainland to seek his brother. This brother ran way from home several years before after a quarrel. The only clue is a threeyearold letter from the remote town of Qinghai. After a long and lonely journey, Ah Ming arrives in the town. He slowly wins the trust of the locals and talks to friends and acquaintances of his brother. The brother has disappeared, but he has left several things behind, including a Super8 film and a map of China with the places he has visited marked. The young Ah Ming grows as a person. While it is not likely that he will ever find his brother, he decides to follow in his adventurous footsteps.
Mak Yan Yan
Country of production
Hong Kong
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
International title
Abba Entertainment, Mak Yan Yan
Ying E Chi Limited