Entre nous

  • 82'
  • France
  • 2001
It seems idyllic: living on an island, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the murmur of the sea. Loup, Diane and Marie live this idyll, because their parents had decided to flee from the big bad world. They were to continue living on the island until father was no longer able to swim the distance to the mainland, which can be seen as a line of twinkling lights. But on one of his swimming trips, he drowns. His death marks a turning point in their peaceful life. Feelings that haven't been digested, deepseated tension and desires increasingly break through their usually silent routine. The children, varying in age from eight to around thirty, no longer believe in the fairytale of their parents and want a normal life on the mainland. However mother refuses to give up her dream and feeds a growing frustration, that inevitably leads to a dramatic apotheosis.The intriguing feature début by Serge Lalou is, in his own words, about the right of every individual to individuality and freedom of choice, and about the true love respects this right. Entre nous is a balanced mixture of poetic pictures (shot with a fixed camera) and raw images (handheld) of the occasionally grey, sometimes dark but almost always painful reality. Entre nous is you and me, imprisoned in the turbulence of life, love, hatred, oppression and joy.
Serge Lalou
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2002
AGAT Films & Cie, INA - institut nat. de l'audiovisuel, Les Films d'Ici, Patrick Sobelman, Gilles Sandoz
AGAT Films & Cie
Serge Lalou