• 99'
  • Slovakia
  • 1995
Tender comedy about a mysterious world in the garden of an old house. Jakub is thirty when he is confronted with a large number of problems. His relationship with the married woman Tereza is doomed, he doesn't enjoy his work, and his father, with whom he shares a house, doesn't understand him. Jakub decides to change course in his life. He spends some time in his grandfather's deserted summer house, but does not suspect that the stay will be longer than planned. Using the diary of his grandfather, Jakub rediscovers simple things that he had forgotten. He learns to cut grass and weeds with a scythe, he learns to cut down trees, make his own slivovich and bake bread. He meets the impenetrable Helena, who changes his life. Three mysterious men visit him with an unusual mission. The unusual world in which he finds himself engenders a renewal of the relationship with his father and gives him a new look on life. The Garden is the third full-length feature by the very productive young director _ulík. Just as in Everything I Like (screened in 1994 in Rotterdam) he uses titles, mild humour and beautiful colour photography to evoke major and minor events in the life of 'a man in crisis'. Cathy Meils of Variety: 'An appealingly and glancingly eccentric view of a world where miracles seem natural and the ordinary becomes miraculous.'
Martin Šulík
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
The Garden
Rudolf Biermann, Artcam International
AB Barrandov
Local Distributor
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