Taebaek sanmaek

  • 168'
  • Korea
  • 1995
Korea, October 1948. Three years after the Japanese occupation, the political right and left are at loggerheads. Bul-Kyo, a small town on the South-West coast, is taken by the left-wing commander Sangjin and his men, until government troops retake the town and force them to withdraw into the hills. Among the returning police units and right-wing followers is Sangjin's brother, Sangku, who leads the anti-Communist youth movement and has a deep-seated hatred of rebellious relatives. Bumwoo, the intellectual son of an landowner and a friend of both brothers, supports the nationalists but is critical of both sides, so he too falls victim to the anti-Communist terror. When the Korean war breaks out, Sangjin and his men retake Bul-Kyo with the aid of troops from North-Korea. Bumwoo is suspected of being a spy for the Americans. After a long time, the two brothers meet, but Sangjin thinks that he is not in a position to criticise his opponents. When American troops land in Korea and the armies of the North are forced to withdraw, the front lines again change. Bul-Kyo is the location of terrible massacres and Bumwoo is forced to look on, helpless.
Im Kwon-Taek, Im Kwon-Taek
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
Taebaek Mountains
TaeHung Production Co. Ltd.
TaeHung Production Co. Ltd.