Sorrisi asmatici - Fleurs du destin

  • 120'
  • Italy
  • 1996
A work in progress in the most literal sense. De Bernardi presents his film at various festivals and shoots another episode while he's there. The part scheduled for this year ('end of part I, start of part II') will include footage shot in Rotterdam, Ravenna, Bagnacavallo and on Sicily (Syracuse and Taormina). The film will as usual be introduced by De Bernardi himself and accompanied by live music: a major theatrical cinema event. The central roles are played by a group of actors from De Bernardi's regular 'circus'. Most of the characters are 'sirens' who have emerged from the water and whose desire for change has taken them to different parts of the world. Lucas Sireno goes in search of Ines Sirena, but it is not clear who or what Lou Vent (possibly the Flying Dutchman, because he comes from the sky) is looking for. Marc Sirena is looking for Isabèl, who looms up mysteriously from the icy water. In the meantime, Ivàn Sireno has escaped from the water. He is an ancient warrior, but in the present he meets a young siren woman who has become a nun. In Southern Sicily, Carmèn appears, linked to fire, the being of the changing identities who united a lot of contradictions in herself. The sun creature manifests itself as Electra, who appeals for purification of the paternal home...
Tonino De Bernardi
International premiere
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
Lontane Province Film, Tonino De Bernardi
Lontane Province Film
Tonino De Bernardi
Sound Design
Marco Mantelli
Alessandra Fornasiero, Giulietta De Bernardi
Lou Castel, Marco Andriolo, Anna Bonaiuto, Ines de Medeiros, Lucas Belvaux