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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Late Nights in Lobby A x IFFR: Estômago

IFFR and the Groot Handelsgebouw are cooking up something good. From July to September, you’re invited to a free programme of four films that fuse culinary and cinematic delight – with catering to perfectly complement each film. From ramen in Tokyo to coxinha in São Paulo, pull up a seat and join us for a feast of flavour on film. 

With the venue opening an hour before the screening, there’s plenty of time to mingle and enjoy a bite in this iconic Rotterdam location.

Chef behind the counter and guest are staring each other in the eye.

About the film

Estômago dir. Marcos Jorge, 2007, Brazil

After moving from the Northeast of Brazil to São Paulo, Nonato finds a way to get by with his skills as a cook, first in a seedy bar then an Italian restaurant. Life’s tough lessons catch up with him and he ends up in prison, but his talents in the kitchen shine brighter. In a world where you either eat or get eaten, Estômago is a delightful fable that reveals the transformative power of food and the resilience of the human spirit.

Date: Friday 30 August
Walk in: tbc
Film starts: tbc

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Information about this event

August 30, 2024
Lobby A, Het Groot Handelsgebouw, Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam, 3013AK

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