Film historian, programmer and researcher Xavier García Bardón opens the vaults of the Brussels' CINEMATEK paper archive to highlight some lesser-known aspects of the tumultuous history of EXPRMNTL. Between 1967 and 1974, many filmmakers applied for free film stock. Based on their proposals, Ledoux would donate Agfa film, on condition that the new work would premiere at the next festival edition.
Some filmmakers tested the limits of the festival by submitting 'films without film' (Eric Andersen, Tony Conrad), or by sabotaging the manifestation as ideological protest against the Vietnam war (Harun Farocki, Holger Meins), while other notorious submissions never made it through the selection process, such as Marcel Broodthaers’ Le corbeau et le renard. The graphic look of EXPRMNTL, designed by the likes of Corneille Hannoset and Alechinsky, also deserves special attention. Presentation in collaboration with CINEMATEK, Brussels.Opening 27 January 18:30-21:00. At approximately 19:00, curator Xavier García Bardón will give a guided tour and a screening of Marcel Broodthaers' 'Le Corbeau et le Renard' on 16mm projected on a special screen.Thu 26 Jan to Sat 4 Feb, 12:00-18:00, PrintRoom, free admissionFor all exhibitions, performances, video works and (interactive) installations, also see ​​

Xavier García Bardón
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