Schimpft uns nicht Zigeuner

Melanie Spitta, Katrin Seybold

Portrait of two young Sinti who talk about themselves, their people and their habits. How a deceived people see themselves.

Two young Sinti, Linda and Gallier, talk about themselves, their people and their customs. Images of life in a large family, work and school clarify their difficult position. Choosing completely for life as Sinti means finding themselves in a hopeless situation but they are soon accused of betraying their roots if they adapt. The makers try to tackle the prejudices that exist about the people. For instance, Linda's mother says that she didn't properly learn to read and write because she spent her school going age in a concentration camp. The Sinti regard themselves as a cheated people that is not understood by a society that cannot cope with them because central authority has no meaning to them and they are not interested in appearances. Individualism, humanity and pride are their ideal.

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