• 92'
  • Germany
  • 1993
Peter Kern has an obvious weakness for people who - often because of their sexual proclivities - live on the fringe, deviating from the bourgeois norm. In this respect he is akin to other German film-makers such as Rosa von Praunheim and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. is the fictionalised portrait of prostitute Domenica, who in Germany - partly thanks to her appearances in talkshows on TV - acquired national fame. Domenica herself is only seen occasionally in the film, is mainly a feature about her youth.The film starts when Domenica's pregnant mother Anna (Andrea Ferreol) flees with her and her brother Amando from her father in Italy. Anna manages to make ends meet by selling stolen carpets. The three live like tramps, always on the run from the police. When Anna finally wins some money betting on horses, she is arrested. Her third child is born in the police truck. The other children are locked up in a strict Catholic institution.It is typical of Kern's film world that the harsh regime in the institution is portrayed as a sado-masochistic theatre. At the age of 17, Domenica meets a brothel-keeper and marries him. When he goes bankrupt and loses his fortune, he commits suicide. A desperate Domenica becomes a prostitute herself and starts a life-long battle against pimps. It is this struggle that is destined to make her famous.
Peter Kern
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1994
Corazon Film, Lisa Film, Axel Glittenberg, Cine Images, Horst Knechtel
Atlas International
Nicolette Krebitz