La distancia

Sergio Caballero

A performance artist is being held in a deserted Siberian power station following the unexpected death of his oligarch patron. Dryly comic surrealism (with an attractive soundtrack and three telepathic dwarves) from Tiger Award winner Caballero. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

A heist film unlike any you've ever seen. In his second film (following his debut Finisterrae which won a Tiger Award in 2011), Sergio Caballero plays fast and loose with all the laws of genre filmmaking. The ‘distance’ in the title is the ultimate MacGuffin - the term coined by Hitchcock for the thing the characters are pursuing, but which for the audience is completely meaningless.
The fact that everyone communicates by telepathy enables Caballero to ‘speak’ a lingua franca made up of many different languages: from the Russian of the dwarves and the guard, to the German of the artist and the Chinese of the guard with the brazier.
Caballero is one of the creative forces behind the SONAR sound festival, and this is noticeable not only in the film’s atmospheric soundtrack but also in its structure, which seems to follow the laws of musical composition rather rather than of the traditional narrative. Inimitable and intriguing. See also Ancha es Castilla/N'importe quoi in Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.

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