Tiger on the Loose


IFFR 2021

The tiger’s on the loose! Studio VollaersZwart has designed fifty ‘green screen’ objects that will be on display across Rotterdam from 29 January to 14 February. Seen from the air, these locations combine to form the festival logo. But that’s not all: passers-by will see a unique QR code on each object. Scanning this code with your smartphone will reveal each time a different scene featuring tigers in cinema, which can then be watched in augmented reality. Diverse in terms of style, genre and technology, together the clips make up a great cross-section of film history.

The objects’ bright green colour is also perfect for the green screen feature on Instagram and Facebook. This allows these objects by VollaersZwart to act like gaps in the cityscape, through which you can slip temporarily into another world. By combining traditional and new technologies, Tiger on the Loose embodies IFFR’s vision for its 50th anniversary: reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

Fri 29 Jan to Sun 14 Feb, throughout Rotterdam, with thanks to Studio VollaersZwart, Artishock Productions and Orb Amsterdam