Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean

Still: Dr Cute
Rachel MACLEAN (1987, Scotland) is a multimedia artist who has exhibited internationally. She studied Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art. Maclean has had major contemporary art commissions and solo presentations in Dublin, London and San Antonio. In 2017, she was asked to represent Scotland at the 57th Venice Biennale with her short film commission Spite Your Face. Maclean often appears as an actress in her own films, playing the figurehead in Make Me Up (2018), which had its European premiere in Rotterdam. In 2024, IFFR has a Focus program dedicated to her work. 


The Phantom Band: Everybody Knows It's True (2011, short), The Lion and the Unicorn (2012, short), Germs (2013, short), Over the Rainbow (2013, short), The Weepers (2014, short), Please, Sir... (2014, short), Feed Me (2015), Eyes 2 Me (2015, short), It's What's Inside That Counts (2016, short), Spite Your Face (2017, short), Make Me Up (2018), I'm Terribly Sorry (2018, VR), Dr Cute (2019, short), Mimi (2021, short), DUCK (2023, short & instal)

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