Volkskrantdag Online


IFFR 2021

One whole day, chock-a-block with IFFR films selected for you by the Volkskrant’s editors: since 1987, that's what constitutes Volkskrant Day. This year, the event will also be available online due to the exceptional circumstances. You will have to imagine the snacks from Schipper Patat on the Schouwburgplein or you can get them to go if you live in the vicinity but it will definitely be a day's worth of impressive films; three in total, to keep the online experience manageable.

It will work as follows: the three titles for the Volkskrantdag will be available for 24 hours from Sunday 6 June 2021 at 00:00 to Monday 7 June at 00:00. They will all be combined into a single stream on that page. You decide what time you want to start watching; you can take breaks and determine how long you take between films. A short lunch, but a serious conversation during dinner? It’s up to you. You can even change the order you watch the films in, although the programmers put them in a specific order for a reason. Tip: don’t start too late and take note of how long the films last.

Want to experience the Volkskrantdag in a different way? You can also soak up the atmosphere in person at the Volkskrantdag in KINO (in Rotterdam).

What’s on the programme?

Quo vadis, Aida? by Jasmila Žbanić, 101 min.
UN interpreter Aida is caught between factions in this moving drama about the Srebrenica genocide in 1995. Director Jasmila Žbanić’s detailed shots of the conflict meticulously dissect what went wrong in the communication between the Dutch UN soldiers, the Bosnian Muslim population and the advancing Serbian army.

El perro que no calla by Ana Katz, 73 min.
Thirty-something Sebastián hops listlessly from job to job in this tragicomic story, each scene of which is a jump forward in time. Lead actor Daniel Katz beautifully portrays his character’s unease in this black-and-white film that strikes a pleasing balance between empathetic drama and the slightly absurd.

A Song for You by Dukar Tserang, 93 min.
Young Ngawang has a dream. He wants to record an album. But how does a Tibetan nomad manage to do that in a big city? Everything changes when he meets a woman who looks just like his talisman. A light-hearted road movie with a fascinating lead.