IFFR Pro Dialogues 2024

The Pro Hub hosts the IFFR Pro Dialogues programme of industry panels that invite meaningful and practical reflection on the issues facing the film industry, with speakers including selected filmmakers, festival programmers and special guests. Across daily panels, a major theme is giving filmmakers the knowledge and tools needed to understand and carve out a space for themselves and their work in the film landscape.


Dialogues are open to IFFR 2024 accredited guests. No booking is required. 

The Art of Adaptation – creative ways to bridge literature and cinema

Creating material that can transform and even transcend its primary source or point of inspiration.

Saturday 27 January, 11.00

Local Stories, Global Screens – understanding international film festivals

We address the fundamental questions surrounding the purpose of film festivals in today's interconnected world.

Saturday 27 January, 15.00

Found Feminism – the intricate relationship between artists and archives

How can found footage be used to reinterpret historical and political narratives in the context of a new era?

Sunday 28 January, 11.00

Cinematic Synergy – merging your creative and business development

Unlock the potential of your narrative by delving into its human essence and transcend cultural boundaries.

Sunday 28 January, 15.00

Packing a Punch – producing with impact in fiction film

What is impact producing, and how can it be understood in fiction filmmaking?

Monday 29 January, 16.00

Genre Rules! – on the circulation of genre films on the festival circuit

What is the current relevance of popular and genre films at film festivals?

Tuesday 30 January, 11.00

Beyond the Premiere – exploring strategies for independent films in marketing, distribution and exhibition

What does the future hold for films after the festival spotlight fades?

Tuesday 30 January, 15.00

Balancing Acts – nurturing creative enterprise, personal well-being and economic equilibrium

Join us to untangle the complexities of the modern cultural sector. 

Wednesday 31 January, 11.00

African film criticism

The evolving and intricate landscape of film criticism in the African context.

Wednesday 31 January, 16.00


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