IFFR Pro Dialogue: Beyond the Premiere


IFFR 2024

Beyond the Premiere – exploring strategies for independent films in marketing, distribution and exhibition

What does the future hold for films akin to those featured at IFFR after the festival spotlight fades?

Our panel of experts, including festival programmers, theatrical exhibitors, filmmakers, sales agents, and marketing pundits, will look at the landscape of alternative strategies and diverse trajectories available to festival films like those showcased at IFFR and highlight positive examples that transcended festival circuits.

We’ll look at the possibilities for films without the backing of a sales agent, with first-hand insights from filmmakers who have navigated the intricate web of the industry independently. Can a film thrive without traditional representation, and if so, how? How can positioning in a key festival help the film on its journey?

Can a programmer or journalist championing a small film make a big difference for it on its journey? What role do journalists and programmers play in raising the profile of emerging filmmakers?

The panel consists of:

- Kyle Greenberg, Head of Marketing & Distribution, Utopia Films
- Pierre Menahem, filmmaker, former sales agent, producer at Still Moving
- Daniela Persico, journalist Filmidee and programmer at Locarno Film Festival
- Sun-J Perumal, filmmaker, Fire on Water 
- Jan de Vries, theatrical exhibitor, KINO Rotterdam

Moderated by industry strategist and publicist Kathleen McInnis.

Read more about the Pro Dialogues 2024 here. Access is open to IFFR 2024 badge-holders, no booking is required. 


IFFR 2024