Pro Hub 2024

For 2024, the IFFR Pro Hub will be dedicated to offering attentive assistance to filmmakers throughout the festival, ensuring they have an enriching experience and can make lasting connections at IFFR.

Filmmakers with a film selected for the 2024 line-up can anticipate a curated trajectory of preparatory online sessions, followed by direct interactions with the team of Pro mentors during the event.

Throughout the festival, the Pro Hub will assist to foster connections for both emerging and established filmmakers. It aims to facilitate the development of new networks, forge alliances within the film community, and encourage an environment in which to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Pro Mentors

Directors and producers with a film selected for the 2024 line-up will have the exclusive opportunity to schedule private one-to-one meetings with a designated Pro Mentor. 

These industry insiders can address the diverse concerns of filmmakers, offering insights and answering questions spanning production, co-production, financing, marketing, sales, distribution, and festival strategies. Their valuable guidance and inspiration aim to provide crucial support. 

Pro Hub mentors 2024

Pro Dialogues

The Pro Hub will present a series of Pro Dialogues, panel talks with specifically chosen guests from various backgrounds within the film industry. These discussions will capture the extensive range of experiences present at IFFR. The topics, collaboratively curated by the Pro team, will cater to the interests of emerging filmmakers, curators, programmers, and  other experienced industry professionals.

IFFR Pro Dialogues 2024

Pro Encounters

The Pro Encounters comprise a series of networking round tables designed to facilitate meaningful connections for feature filmmakers included in the 2024 selection. These events will provide them with the chance to engage with programmers from key film festivals and markets.

In addition, specialised Pro Encounters will be arranged for Short & Mid-length filmmakers, offering them a unique opportunity to connect with distributors and programmers from the short film community.

IFFR Pro Encounters 2024

Pro pitch and feedback sessions

As an integral part of the Pro Encounters, filmmakers will be invited to participate in the pitch masterclass, focusing on honing presentation skills. Subsequently, they will have the opportunity to present their films or projects to specifically invited professionals (film funds, markets, producers, distributors, sales agents, festival programmers), to receive constructive feedback within a secure and supportive environment.

Pitch Out 2024!

Limited access

The array of personal mentor meetings, Dialogues, and Encounters is offered at no cost to filmmakers included in the 2024 IFFR selection with an accreditation.

However, for mentor meetings and participation in the Pro Encounters, it is essential to reserve a place. Please be aware that capacity is limited, and allocations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.


Filmmakers and professional delegates will be taken care of by the IFFR Pro and Guest teams.  The team organising and managing the Pro Hub programme consists of Nikolas Montaldi, Jiri Pecinovsky and Himawan Ardhito.



  • Nikolas Montaldi

    Manager Pro Hub