IFFR Pro Dialogue: Found Feminism


IFFR 2024

Found Feminism – the intricate relationship between artists and archives

How can found footage be used to reinterpret historical and political narratives in the context of a new era?

Exploring the intricate relationship between artists and archives – and between open access and remediation. With a special emphasis on addressing feminist themes, we examine various dimensions that make this relationship compelling and transformative.

The panel will consider the motivations behind revisiting and repurposing archival material, exploring how this shapes contemporary discourses on gender, equality, and power dynamics. It will also navigate the creative potential of personal archives, addressing ethical and legal considerations in working with found footage.

Examining accessibility challenges, the panel discusses how open access initiatives empower artists to dynamically engage with archival material, fostering a dialogue between past and present. Unpacking the artistic potential in found footage, it explores how repurposing visuals allows artists to convey powerful messages and challenge conventional storytelling.

The discussion extends to exhibition and screening possibilities for films created through this process, exploring avenues for showcasing reimagined narratives and examining how the medium impacts audience engagement and perception.

The panel will consist of:

- Marisa Hoicka, director Teen Girl Fantasy
- Charlotte Procter, archive director LUX
- Elif Rongen, curator of Silent Film, Eye Film Museum
- Norika Sefa, director Like a Sick Yellow

Moderated by Maya Cade, creator and curator of Black Film Archive.

Film still: Like a Sick Yellow dir. Norika Sefa (Tiger Short Competition 2024)

Read more about the Pro Dialogues 2024 here. Access is open to IFFR 2024 badge-holders, no booking is required. 


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