Annual Report

Organisation & team

IFFR’s organisation is structured and supported so it can best pursue its core values.

Core values

In showing films from around the world, the festival supports independent artistic filmmakers and their work. IFFR supports the entire chain of production, from its Pro development activities such as the Hubert Bals Fund and CineMart, to exhibition during the festival and further circulation, such as on the IFFR Unleashed streaming platform

From the global filmmaking community to local cultural and social life in Rotterdam and the Netherlands, IFFR promotes its core values of solidarity, sustainability, trust, transparency and inclusiveness. Screenings, talks, installations and networking opportunities take place both during the festival and year-round, as do the world renowned industry-focused activities and educational offers.


To realise this year’s activities, IFFR relied on its broad team of professionals, experts, programmers and scouts, who contribute through research, development and curation. The festival employs a core group of 42 people, with 35 full-time staff. Closer to the festival, IFFR becomes a project organisation, in which temporary employees, freelancers and volunteers participate. The team is divided into different departments led by the directorial duo of a managing and festival director – Marjan van der Haar and Vanja Kaludjercic respectively. Diversity and inclusion is crucial to the team composition and vacancy policy, and the team is trained in these areas accordingly. The festival actively invites students to take up internships and gain experience in the cultural sector. 

Fair Practice & Code of Conduct 

IFFR applies the Dutch Fair Practice Code for the remuneration of its team, applying the Code’s calculation tool for the payment of freelancers and using a salary scale for employees in line with that of the CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) of the Municipality of Rotterdam. Its supervisory board works in accordance with the Culture Governance Code aimed at subsidised cultural institutions in the Netherlands.

IFFR uses a Code of Conduct with the aim of offering IFFR employees, volunteers, film professionals, audiences and partners a safe and respectful environment to work and/or visit. 


The February festival chapter was realised with a total budget of €6,728,931, and the June chapter with a budget of € 1,963,026. The financial report 2020-2021 can be found here. The government Covid-19 support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was vital this edition. Nevertheless, the pandemic has presented significant challenges to the financial stability of the festival, meaning elaborating a sustainable and resilient future strategy is now crucial. The IFFR Foundation has an ANBI status, meaning it is designated a non-profit by the Netherlands tax authorities, which increases the funding possibilities of the festival.