About IFFR

The Team

IFFR works with an enthusiastic core team of around 40 professionals year-round. Each year, in the lead-up to the festival and for year-round activities, the team is expanded with many freelancers, interns and volunteers.

Directors & Board

Festival Director – Vanja Kaludjercic

Managing Director – Clare Stewart

[email protected]


Business Affairs

Head of People & Culture – Laura Fulgori

Head of Finance – vacancy

Coordinator Business Affairs – Selda Tasgil

Finance Officer – Claudia Passchier

Assistant to the Board of Directors – Luka de Ruijter


Communications & Audience Reach 

Head of Communications – Anne Wabeke 

Head of Press & PR – Caterine Baeten 

Head of Marketing – Marieke Sasse 

Coordinator Communications – Fraser White  

Coordinator Data Marketing – Laurin Ivetic 

Website & Social Media Officer & Merchandise Coordinator– Laura Mastracchio 



Chief of Content – Melissa van der Schoor

Coordinator Year-round Programme Events – Eline van Lint



Head of Education – Kim Schonewille 

Education Officer – Tracey Smit

Projectleader Education – Alyssa Schrauwen

Projectleader Education – Boudewijn van den Broek



Head of Hubert Bals Fonds (HBF) – Tamara Tatishvili

Manager HBF – Jeske van der Slikke

Coordinator HBF – Ayumi Filippone



Head of Pro – Inke Van Loocke

Manager Pro – Alessia Acone

Manager Talent – Facundo Lema

Manager IFFR Pro – Lara González Lobo


Programme Operations & International Relations

Head of Programme Operations – Charlie Vermeulen 

Head of International Relations – Mélissa Delmée Malétras

Programme Operations Officer – Robert de Rek


Selection Committee Members (features)

Kristína Aschenbrennerova (South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Stefan Borsos (South and South-East Asia), Michelle Carey (English speaking territories), Evgeny Gusyatinskiy (Central and Eastern Europe, Israel), Mercedes Martínez-Abarca (South and Central America, Mexico, Caribbeans), Olaf Möller (German speaking territories, Nordic countries, the Cinema Regained programme), Lyse Nsengiyumva (Sub-Saharan Africa), Rebecca De Pas (Italy, Spain, Portugal), Olivier Pierre (French speaking territories), Koen de Rooij (Netherlands, Flanders), Delly Shirazi (Middle-East, Northern Africa, Iran, Turkey)

Selection Committee Members (Shorts)

Cristina Kolozsvary-Kiss, Lyse Nsengiyumva, Rebecca De Pas, Ivan Ramljak, Koen de Rooij, Leonie Woodfin, Loes van Keulen


Hiromi Aihara, Robert Gray, Ralph McKay, Steve Polta, Ivan Ramljak, Susana Santos Rodrigues, Wu Jueren


Funding & Business Growth

Chief of Funding & Business Growth – Barbara de Heer 

Coordinator Donations, Mecenaat & Events – Georgie Kusbiantoro



Chief of Operations – Marije Stijkel 

Head of Production – Bas Mastboom

Coordinator Ticketing & Data – Lara Arnoldus 

Coordinator Applications – Marco Oudewortel

Coordinator Office & Servicedesk – Miranda Dijkshoorn 

Junior Systeem Administrator – Jessie Bierhuizen


Year-round the IFFR team is supported by:

Wai Seu Chan (Operations), Giorgi Kuiper (Operations), Jolinde den Haas (Content), Jurgen van der Vlies (Operations), Lesley Da Rae Yoon (Programme Operations), Peter van Heck (Operations), Romy Rechmann (Communications & Audience Reach), Suze van Bohemen (Content), Tom Timmerman (Operations)


Supervisory Board

Korrie Louwes (chair), Anoesjka Imambaks, Hanneke Niens, Nanouk Leopold, Nicky Koopman, Pieter Guldemond