Annual Report 2020-2021

50th specials

To celebrate our 50th anniversary edition, numerous 50th Specials spanned the two festival chapters.

February's Tiger on the Loose project engaged Rotterdam audiences with an interactive augmented reality experience, while audience members and Tiger Competition winners recounted festival experiences in IFFR Plays Back ◀◀.

The festival launched IFFR Unleashed 50/50, a special collection made up of 50 memorable films and classics, each selected from one of the 50 previous editions of IFFR. As an anniversary special, IFFR Classics presented four past festival favourites. In collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum, celebrating their 75th anniversary, Vive le cinéma! presented an exhibition on art and film, featuring iconic filmmakers including Lemonhang Jeremiah Mosese and Jia Zhang-Ke.

75B © Tomas Mutsaers

Tiger on the Loose © Jan de Groen

Tiger on the Loose © Tomas Mutsaers

Jia Zhang-ke, Close-Up (2021) for Vive le cinéma! at Eye Filmmuseum © Hans Wilschut

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, Bodies of Negroes. I Will Sculpture God, Grim and Benevolent (2021) for Vive le cinéma! at Eye Filmmuseum © Studio Hans Wilschut

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50th edition campaign by 75B

IFFR celebrated its milestone year with a 50th edition festival campaign designed by Rotterdam-based agency 75B. The campaign merged IFFR’s past, present and future in a series of optical illusions.