Code of conduct

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is a platform for openness, respect, and love for cinema. We represent the strength and impact of independent film, filmmakers and film-related art. In our work, we all contribute to a culture of mutual respect and dignity. For IFFR, respect means welcoming and appreciating everyone around us — from colleagues to business partners and guests — and creating an environment where everyone feels free to express themselves without fear of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, sexism or other forms of disrespectful behaviour.

IFFR reserves the right to revoke credentials or access to festival events and venues without notice or refund for those who engage in disrespectful behaviour or misconduct.

If you experience or witness a violation of the code of conduct, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or +31 10 8909090.

In case of an emergency, immediately dial 1-1-2.

If you would like to reach out confidentially or anonymously you can contact, the independent collective disclosure office for undesirable behaviour in the performing arts, film and television sectors. Or contact Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Victim Support) at +31 900 0101.

IFFR has a zero-tolerance policy regarding any form of violence and misconduct.

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