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Code of conduct

IFFR attaches great value to respect and safety. IFFR does not tolerate violence or harassment in any form towards its staff, contractors, volunteers, visitors at the festival. The Code of Conduct applies to everyone involved in the festival. The entire Code of Conduct can be found in the sidebar. When feeling unsafe or when experiencing undesirable behaviour at IFFR, please know that IFFR has counselors available, both internally and externally. They will immediately take action and address the matter(s) at hand in a confidential manner.

External Counsellors

IFFR uses the external hotline Moresonline.nl as a central hotline for undesirable behaviour in the performance, film and television sector.  

Jeanette Jager
contact: [email protected] and +31 88 - 111 9950 

Freek Walther
contact: [email protected] and +31 88 - 111 9955 

Internal Counsellors

IFFR has appointed two internal counsellors. The internal and external counsellors may offer guidance and support to employees and anyone else who has a complaint about undesirable behaviour. These complaints could refer to a situation of sexual harassment, bullying, aggression, violence or an unreasonable workload. The counsellors can offer a sympathetic ear, but can also advise to take further action and if needed mediation to solve a conflict. The counsellors work in a more informal manner than the complaints committee, a problem might be solved with a few conversations (without any report). 

Other numbers for urgent matters: 

  • In case of an emergency, immediately dial 1-1-2
  • Or reach out to Slachtofferhulp Nederland through +31 900 0101

The (independent) complaints committee that IFFR preferably hires will address the complaint in a more formal manner and will investigate to see if the complaint is justified. IFFR’s board of directors decides how they will act upon the advice of the complaints committee. The complaints committee will check if the measures taken have helped to handle or end the complaint(s). 

IFFR also underwrites and puts into practice the code and the principles of the Governance Code Cultuur, Fair Practice Code and Diversiteit & Inclusie. For more information on the Code of Conduct, please contact Laura Fulgori via [email protected].

Code of Conduct 

Download here (PDF)

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