IFFR Youth Jury Award

IFFR Youth Jury is the young people’s film jury at IFFR. The film that makes the biggest impression on this jury is awarded the IFFR Youth Jury Award – an international seal of approval for young people.

International Film Festival Rotterdam aims to give young people a permanent platform from which their voice can be heard at the festival. The Youth Jury allows young people to participate by deciding on the film that impressed them the most. The IFFR Youth Jury gives young people the opportunity to experience a film festival from the inside, and to express their opinions on film. During the festival, they not only watch films, but also meet filmmakers and other film professionals. The IFFR Youth Jury makes its choice from a range of films specially selected from the IFFR programme before deciding which of these will win the highly sought-after IFFR Youth Jury Award.

Previous winners

In previous years, the MovieZone Award was presented at IFFR by the MovieZone Youth Film Jury.