Big Screen Competition

For the The Big Screen Competition, a jury of five film enthusiasts and experienced festival goers will be selected to choose their favourite film. The winning film will be distributed to arthouses all over the Netherlands.

The Big Screen Competition is an extension of the enduring partnership between IFFR and VPRO. During this competition, eight new films that premiere during IFFR will be selected. The winning filmmaker wins a €15,000 cash prize, so they can keep creating new content, as well as €15,000 to be spent towards the theatrical release of the film. The awarded film will also be broadcast on Dutch television by VPRO.

Winners per edition

Nina by Olga Chajdas

Pop Aye by Kirsten Tan

Les ogres by Léa Fehner

Second Coming by Debbie Tucker Green 

Another Year by Oxana Bychkova (Russia)

Bellas mariposas by Salvatore Mereu (Italy)