Wouter Barendrecht Award

The award for young filmmakers with a project selected for CineMart is named after former head of CineMart, Wouter Barendrecht, who passed away in 2009. 

A prize of €5,000 is awarded by CineMart in conjunction with the Wouter Barendrecht Film Foundation. Eligible for the Wouter Barendrecht Award are directors under 35 with a project selected for CineMart, and who so far have directed three films or less.

Wouter Barendrecht Film Foundation (WBBF)

In honour of Wouter Barendrecht, the founder and co-chairman of Fortissimo Films, a foundation (the WBFF) has been established, the goal of which is to encourage the work of talented young filmmakers. In cooperation with festivals directly associated with Wouter, the WBFF will make future award grants based on a process to be decided by the Foundation’s board of directors.


The Station by Sara Ishaq (Yemen/Jordan)

La hija de todas las rabias
by Laura Baumeister (Nicaragua/France)

Disco Afrika
by Luck Razanajaona (France/Madagascar)

 by Lei Lei (USA)

The Strange Ones
(USA) by Christopher Radcliff & Lauren Wolkstein (USA)

Santa y Delfín
by Carlos Lechuga (Cuba)