IFFR Young Network

IFFR Young Network brings together young film lovers (between the ages of 16 and 25) to get inspired and share their experiences. This platform organises intimate gatherings with film workshops and guest lessons, both during the festival and throughout the year. Professionals are invited to share their knowledge about the many aspects of filmmaking: from scriptwriting and directing to post-production and editing. This way, the network opens the doors to the film world for a young and diverse group of enthusiasts.

IFFR Young Network's current core team

From left to right: Rahab Ahmed, Borah Spoorenberg, Jan van der Meer, Noah Bos, Tsania Hisbaron (contact person)

The network was initiated by the five members of the 2018 IFFR Youth Jury: Rahab Ahmed, Noah Bos, Tsania Hisbaron, Jan van der Meer and Borah Spoorenberg. After an engaging festival experience, they decided to continue the exchange of ideas and expand their activities to a wider group of like-minded young people. IFFR facilitates their efforts and thereby stimulates the film talent of the future. The group is also associated with the prestigious Netherlands Film Academy. As a partner of IFFR Young Network, they will provide film experts for the network’s events.

Tsania Hisbaron: “Rotterdam is a city filled with ambitious young people who have so much to offer! This inclusive platform intends to inspire the promising youth and offers an inspiring place for passionate film enthusiasts.”

The IFFR Young Network programme is entirely in English.

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IFFR Young Network is one of many ways in which IFFR ties a young audience to the world of independent film. Other initiatives include IFFR Young Selectors, de Young Reporters, the IFFR Youth JuryMovieZone Talent Day IFFR, IFFR Academy and many special screenings for students of all ages.