Edgar Honetschläger

Edgar HONETSCHLÄGER (1963, Austria) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Returning themes in his work are individualism, the beauty of cultural differences and the need to and difficulty of really understanding other cultures.


Sequences (1992, short), Mary Rosenberg - German Bookseller in New York 1939-1993 (1993), Gadgets (1994, short), 97-(13+1) (1996, short), Milk (1997), L&R (1999), Colors (2000, short), George in Hollywood (2002, short), Enduring Freedom (1992, short), Il mare e la torta (2003), Erni (2005, short), The Audience (2006), Beijing Holiday (2007, short), Sugar and Ice (2009, short), AUN - The Beginning and the End of all Things (2011)