From masterclasses by Bong Joon Ho, Pedro Costa and Diego García, Cronenberg's Crash with Live Score by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra to The Ummah Chroma installation G/D THYSELF: Spirit Strategy On Raising Free Black Children – these were the highlights of IFFR 2020.

IFFR has managed to become one of the most interesting, anxious and truly international institutions of cinema on European soil.

– Stella Pekiaridi, on Flix

  • Highlights

    Opening Night with Marjan van der Haar, Bero Beyer and Vanja Kaludjercic @ Bas Czerwinski

  • Highlights

    Crash with Live Score by Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra © Jan de Groen

  • Highlights

    Cecilia Mangini (92) at the Tyger Burns: "It was a great time to become a director." @ Melle Meivogel

  • Highlights

    Reading the Tiger Alert and drinking a Kaapse Tijger @ Bas Czerwinski

  • Highlights

    IFFR Volkskrantdag 2020 at Oude Luxor @ Marwan Magroun

  • Highlights

    Winner Robby Müller Award, cinematographer and writer Diego García @ Jan de Groen

I always recommend IFFR to filmmakers and film professionals as the best organised and friendliest festival, with one of the most original programmes around.

– CineMart 2020 participant

Talks & Masterclasses 2020 on IFFR Unleashed

Watch back some of the highlights here