IFFR Pro – Enabling professionals


IFFR Pro is dedicated to enabling filmmakers to network, debate, mentor and collaborate with leading experts and organisations in the film industry.

Besides promoting talent development, IFFR Pro organises an annual conference, gives professionals the floor in the Pro Hub and fosters numerous initiatives through collaboration.

IFFR Pro demonstrates its reflective side with its one-day conference Reality Check. Reality Check is a debate platform and workshop to discuss current challenges in the European and global film industry. It invites the knowledge and expertise of high-profile speakers and thinkers from the film industry and beyond.

I love how international Rotterdam’s industry programme is. I feel like I meet people that I wouldn’t see at all the other big festivals. The atmosphere is friendly, despite having lots of important people around. The talks and sessions are always eye-opening.

– CineMart 2020 participant

In 2020, the Reality Check conference explored the theme of Originality. In a year when global platforms and the Hollywood studios are dominating the discourse, we wanted to look at why original storytelling is so important to counteracting the rise of monolithic culture and ensuring audiences are inspired by a plurality of voices. The examination of originality included:

  • New and unique voices;
  • Authorship and authenticity;
  • Collectives and collaboration;
  • New content formats and technologies;
  • Overlaps with other art forms;
  • Original ways to engage audiences both online and in cinemas.

After hearing from experts in a series of talks, keynotes and panels, the audience were encouraged to join in round table breakout groups to discuss and come up with concrete ideas to keep originality thriving across different aspects of the film landscape. Read more on a recap of Reality Check 2020.

Pro Hub

IFFR Pro offers extensive services to professionals in its Pro Hub, which helps filmmakers make the best of their time at IFFR, assisting them in developing new connections and finding allies in the film world. Pro Hub activities provide emerging filmmakers with useful tools to help them get their films out into the world, through personal mentoring meetings, pitching and public speaking support, consultations with experts, private screening facilities, workshops and panels, as well as additional networking opportunities. Over the past editions, the Pro Hub has grown to offer a full range of training and mentoring opportunities for filmmakers at IFFR.

Other collaborations

In other initiatives, IFFR Pro collaborates with third parties. Together with European Film Academy and IDFA, we work to raise attention to Filmmakers at Risk. With Les Arcs we launched a sustainability think tank. We are also part of the Videoland Academy initiative, allowing young filmmakers to realise their film projects. And with BUMA Music in Motion, we work to bring attention to the work of film music composers. Finally, we work with Creative Producer Indaba to support emerging African producers.