IFFR doesn’t end after the twelve days of the festival. Throughout the year, the festival engages its audiences with special screenings, events and through its online streaming service IFFR Unleashed, which saw a revamp in 2020.

Year-round events

Throughout 2019 and 2020, IFFR organised film screenings in cinemas throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium in its Previewtour and IFFR Gemist series, and at other festivals, such as Into the Great White Open. IFFR continued its regular KINO screenings in Rotterdam, and in May 2019 entered a new collaboration with LantarenVenster, another local film theatre. The resulting series LV♥IFFR Encore invited filmmakers like Ena Sendijarević (Take Me Somewhere Nice) and Céline Sciamma (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) to Rotterdam to present their films. LantarenVenster also hosted two additional editions of the Filmgasten talk show, presented by IFFR’s Next Film Patrons. IFFR Young Network continued to host events as well. The 8th edition of IFFR’s sister festival Curaçao IFFR in April 2019 attracted 14,500 visits, while IFFR Groningen, taking place during IFFR 2020, attracted some 10,000 visits.

IFFR Unleashed

Since 2018, IFFR fanatics can get their fix online too. At this time, over 284 films are available for online streaming at IFFR Unleashed. In early 2020 the platform moved from its standalone website to an environment integrated in, allowing for a more intuitive and contextualised presentation of the films on offer. Prices were lowered to €1 per short and €4.50 per feature film. Our programmers are continuously on the lookout to curate films that are relevant now, for example by showing earlier works of filmmakers who are currently in the picture with their latest short or feature film.