Raya Martin

Raya MARTIN (1984, Manila, Philippines) studied film at the University of Diliman. After working as a writer and researcher for a variety of media, he started making short films. He was the first Philippian ever selected for the 11th edition of the Cinéfoundation in Cannes. Retrospectives of the work of the barely 30-year-old director have been featured internationally.


(selection) A Conscientious Object - or: The Reality of Olaf (1999, short), Bulaklak (2003, short), Millenarian Dreams (2004, short), Bakayson/The Visit (2004, short), Ang isla sa dulo ng mundo/The Island at the End of the World (2004), Infancia en las islas de Filipinas, sin fecha (2005, short), Indio Nacional (2006), Life Projections (2006, short), Long Live Philippine Cinema (2007, short), Autohystoria (2007), Now Showing (2008), Next Attraction (2008), Independencia (2009), Long Live Philippine Cinema! (2009, short), Life Projections (2009, short), Ars colonia (2011, short), Boxing in the Philippine Islands (2011, short), Buenas noches, España (2011), The Great Cinema Party (2012), La ultima pelicula (2013), How to Disappear Completely (2014)