Lecture: The Interactive Future

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Douglas Gayeton directed, co-produced and co-designed the interactive feature Johnny Mnemonic for Propaganda Code and Sony Imagesoft. He also wrote and designed Waking Hours, a reality based interactive series chronicling 24 hours in the interconnected lives of 24 people for Viacom's Castro Valley interactive television site. He directed Tomorrow, a short film that explored the future of interactive television and worked for firms such as Iwerks, Capitol Records, MCA, Warner bros, Virgin. Currently, Gayeton is writing and designing Big Brother, the interactive sequel to George Orwell's 1984 for Newspeak Media, inc. Carl Goodman As Curator of Digital Media at the American Museum of the Moving Image, Carl Goodman oversees the Museum's involvement with digital media, including the production of kiosks, digital publications, seminars, collections databases, and exhibits showcasing new and provocative digital content. The Museum's Core Exhhibition "Behind the Screen," for which Mr. Goodman produced eight computer-based interactive experiences, recently received a major grant from the National Science Foundation which will allow a new version of the exhibition to be created and toured worldwide beginning in 1998. He is also a working composer with scores written for film, dance, and television commercials.
Douglas Gayeton
IFFR 1997