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MIDI Z (1982, Burma) grew up in Burma/Myanmar but moved to Taiwan when he was 16, where he studied Film Directing. In 2009, he was named one of the most prominent directors by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy. Return to Burma, his debut feature, was selected for the Tiger Awards Competition in 2012 and The Palace on the Sea led to a Tiger Award nomination in 2014. Midi Z's Ice Poison (2014) won Best Film in Edinburgh and represented Taiwan at the Foreign Language Oscars. Jade Miners (2015), his first documentary, was also selected for IFFR 2015.


(selection) Paloma blanca (2006, short), Motorcycle Driver (2008, short), Hua-Xing Incident (2009, short), Gui lai de ren/Return to Burma (2011), Qiong Ren, Liu Lian, Ma Yao, Tou Du Ke/Poor Folks (2012), Hai shang huang gung/The Palace on the Sea (2013, short), Letters from the South - segment Burial Clothes (2013, co-dir), Bing du/Ice Poison (2014), Wa yu shi de ren/Jade Miners (2015, doc), My Folks in Jade City (2016, instal), The Road to Mandalay (2016)

Midi Z at IFFR

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