Ken Jacobs

Ken Jacobs at IFFR

Ken JACOBS (1933, USA) has been making films and film performances since 1955. For years he also worked as a film lecturer. In 2004 he was Film Maker in Focus in Rotterdam.


Star Spangled to Death (1957), Little Stabs at Happiness (1960, short), The Whirled (1961, short), The Death of PT Town (1961, short), Blonde Cobra (1963, short), Baud'Larian Capers (1963, short), We Stole Away (1964, short), Window (1964, short), The Winter Footage (1964/1984, short), Saturday Afternoon Blood Sacrifice: TV Plug: Little Cobra Dance (1964, short), Naomi Is a Vision of Loveliness (1965, short), The Sky Socialist (1965), Lisa and Joey in Connecticut, JANUARY '65: "You've Come Back" "You're Still Here" (1965, short), Airshaft (1967, short), Soft Rain (1968, short), Nissan Ariana Window (1968, short), Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son (1969), Globe (1969, short), Urban Peasants (1975, short), Spaghetti (1976, short), The Doctor's Dream (1978, short), Perfect Film (1986, short), Jerry Takes a Back Seat, Then Passes Out of the Picture (1987, short), Opening the Nineteenth Century: 1896 (1990, short), The Alps and the Jews (1990, work in progress), Keaton's Cops (1991, short), Disorient Express (1995, short), The Georgetown Loop (1996, short), Flo Rounds a Corner (1999, short), Circling Zero: Part One, We See Absence (2002), Keeping an Eye on Stan (2003), Mountaineer Spinning (2004, short), New York Street - Trolleys 1900 (2004, short), Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging Noise (2004), Krypton Is Doomed (2005, short), Let There Be Whistleblowers (2005, short), Ontic Antics Starring Laurel and Hardy: Bye, Molly! (2005), Pushcarts of Eternity Street (2006, short), New York Ghetto Fishmarket 1903 (2006), Two Wrenching Departures (2006), Capitalism: Child Labor (2007, short), The Surging Sea of Humanity (2007, short), RAZZLE DAZZLE the Lost World (2007), Nymph (2008, short), Anaglyph Tom (Tom with Puffy Cheeks) (2008), Return to the Scene of the Crime (2008), Ron Gonzalez, Sculptor (2009, short), What Happened on 23rd Street in 1901 (2009, short), Jonas in Kodachrome Days (2009, short), "excerpt from THE SKY SOCIALIST stratified" (2009, short), Bob Fleischner Dying (2009, short), Brain Operations (2009, short), The Day was a Scorcher (2009, short), Walkway (2009, short), The Pushcarts Leave Eternity Street (2011, short), 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011, short), Day and Night (2011, short), The Green Wave (2011, short), Cyclopean 3D: Life with a Beautiful Woman (Opening Sequence) (2012)

Ken Jacobs at IFFR

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