>be me

  • Finland
  • 2019

The book >be me – a collection of ‘greentexts’, on which this installation is based, can be seen as the first book dealing with an Internet-borne literary genre. The ‘greentexts’ presented in this work are short stories posted on 4chan during 2010-2015. They are written in an internet-evolved language that can be characterised as abrupt, statement-like internet slang and get their name from the use of 4chan’s quote function that colours the text green.

The protagonist in the stories is most often a young male and, due to its anonymous online source, gives an exceptional insight into a young man's psyche. The stories describe absurd, once-in-a-lifetime moments we can all relate to, but for the most part we hope will never actually have to face. The book can be downloaded for free at greentext.org. A selection of these texts and an instruction that will inspire the audience to share something themselves can be found at Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

Aapo Nikkanen
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2019