Simon Payne

Simon PAYNE (1975, UK) is a video artist from Southampton. He studied Time Based Media and Electronic Imaging and obtained his doctorate at the Royal College of Art in London, where he investigated aspects of digital aesthetics in the context of experimental film and video. In his work, symmetric shapes play a major role. Payne teaches at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and lives in London. He has also written widely on experimental film and video in various publications and books.

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(all short) May (1998), Black and White (2001), Monitor (2002), Vertical Composition (2002), 4:3 Variations (2003), Colour Bars (2004), Thirds (2006), Primary Phases (2006, instal), Double Negative (2006), New Ratio (2007), Iris Out (2008), Point Line Plane (2010), Vice Versa Et Cetera (2010), Twice Over (2012), Window Piece (2012), Cut Out (2013), NOT AND OR (2014), +X (2014), Reason's Code (2016), Intersections (2017), Edges: Waves (2018), Set Theory I-IV (2018)