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Mijke de JONG (1959, the Netherlands) directs television drama, features, short films, documentaries and plays. Her films have won numerous awards, among them a Golden Calf in 1997 for the five actresses in Brittle. Her work has screened throughout the world, including at the Berlin Film Festival and the Locarno Film Festival. In 2016, her film Layla M. premiered at Locarno. It was also that year's Dutch entry for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


B-121 (1983), In krakende welstand (1989), Still you (1993), Hartverscheurend (1993), De baby huilt (1994), Stills (1995), Lieve Aisja (1996), Broos/Brittle (1997), Het labyrint (1998), Lopen (1999), Uitgesloten (2000), De dioscuren (2001), Kon Esi Baka (2001), Ik ben Willem (2002), Dolle Zina (2003), Bluebird (2004), Ik ben Willem, deel II (2004), Allerzielen (2005), Tussenstand (2007), Ik ben Willem (2009, TV Series, 3 episodes), Joy (2010), Geloven/Believing (2011, TV), Symbiose (2013, TV), Van God Los (2013, TV Series, episode: Warriors), Brozer/Frailer (2014), Stop Acting Now (2016), Layla M. (2016), God Only Knows (2018)

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