Makino Takashi

Makino Takashi at IFFR

MAKINO Takashi (1978, Japan) is an artist and makes experimental films. He was educated in Cinematography at the Nihon University College of Art in Japan. In 2001, he served an apprenticeship with the Quay Brothers in London, during which he mainly studied film music and lighting. His short films Elements of Nothing (2008) and Generator (2012) have been selected for IFFR's short film competition, and with Generator Makino won a Tiger Award for Short Films. His films have been invited for screenings at numerous film and video art festivals worldwide.


(selection) AMARGASM (2001, short), EVE (2002, short), The Intimate Stars (2005, short), In the Spectacle (2006, short), The Shadow and Stardust (2006, short), No Is E (2006, short), The Ark (2006, short), Elements of Nothing (2007, short), Tranquil (2007, short), The Seasons (2008, short), while we are here (2009, short), The Low Storm (2009, short), Resolution, Synthesis, Re composition (2009, short), still in cosmos (2009, short), The World (2009, mid-length), Inter View (2010, short), In Your Star (2010, short), Emaki/Light (2011, short), Generator (2011, short), 2012 (2013, short), Deorbit (2013, short, co-dir), Space Noise (2013, instal), Humming Fields (2013, music video), Article Left by the Departed (2013, instal), Ghost of OT301 (2014, short), Phantom Nebula (2014, mid-length), cinéma concret (2015), Origin of the Dreams (2016, short), In the Shadow of the Cinema (2016, install), The Picture From Darkness (2016, short), On Generation and Corruption (2017, short), Memento Stella (2018, mid-length)

Makino Takashi at IFFR

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